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April 27, 2010


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Trevor Hansen

Just to play the other side of this argument... Microsoft and Apple wrote and developed the code that is on the CD/DVD. The consumer is paying for the license of the code not the media. Interestingly if you purchase the product for download or in the box you pay the same price. Again the value is the data not the media.

So the problem with the argument for the reprographer is we are just putting the valuable data onto a CD/DVD for someone the value is still in their data. Apple and Microsoft outsource this packaging process as well and pay as little as possible for it.

Reprographers have to find ways of generating revenue that add real value not just add additional cost. You can get 25 CD's duplicated online for $1.45 a disk and have them next day. The same hold true for data put on paper. The value is in the data not in the media it is on.

Time for reprographers to figure out how to create real value for their customers. Data distribution has become very cheap and that is the current business of the reprographer.

Kyle Batsford

Wow, where to being.

Trevor I agree with you, except data distribution isn't our focus. Unless you are $0.035 per sq ft on prints then you are all about data.
We are sell time and information

You have 2 camps on the other side of that CD remark. One doesn't yet make the connection to the value of the information on the disc and only see the tangible which is an over priced plastic disc. When they understand that it is the information on the disc they are paying for then the tangible begins to morph into intangible. To complete the process that information needs to be guaranteed to be true and accurate. It is managing that information that is the key.

The 2nd group is just plain cheap and doesn't care. They may understand and see the value, they just don't want to pay for it. Charge the next guy more for it.

Data distribution in itself is really meaningless. It is how that data is captured and turned into priceless information.

How many project do you have online that are hosted on some other competing system? To us it doesn't matter we sell data to them. They pick and choose the data they feel they need and the post it. 10 times out of 9 ( yes that is correct) they buy the minimum and miss something and then give out mis-information. We become the first and last stop for all acurate information. If you did not get it from our system, you don't have the correct information. I actually had 2 clients experience this morning 3 days before their bids are due.

How much do you think those CD's are worth them now?

Think about this, do your clients want to save money or become more profitable.

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